Virtual mediation workshop

20 November - 11 December 2023

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  • Date 20 November - 11 December 2023
  • مكان ظاهري

To expand and strengthen the capacity of GCF Direct Access Entities (DAEs) to diagnose, understand and resolve grievances that arise from conflicts among project stakeholders, the IRM is hosting a 4-week virtual mediation workshop. The course is designed for grievance redress mechanism staff of GCF DAEs, whether acting directly as mediators and facilitators, or overseeing the work of contracted independent mediators. 

This course will focus on designing and implementing processes of mediation and consensus-building to resolve conflicts, including modules on:

1. Introduction to Company-Community Mediation
2. Conflict Analysis and Communication Skills
3. Mediation Techniques and Strategies
4. Role-Plays and Case Studies
5. Ethical Considerations and Certification

Participation in the workshop is by invite only.