• نوع المقالة الأخبار والمقالات
  • Publication date 11 Dec 2023

The IRM is looking for an intern(s) to support the IRM team in the execution of its five core functions: processing requests for the reconsideration of funding proposals; processing complaints from persons adversely impacted by GCF projects; providing advice with an eye to improving GCF performance and outcomes; working with GCF direct access entities to build their capacity related to grievance mechanisms and procedures; and conducting outreach to raise awareness about the work of the IRM. The intern(s) will support IRM staff with relevant research required in the context of its complaints handling and advisory work, and to support the IRM in the execution of its communications and capacity building strategies.

The internship will start in July 2024 and last for six months. 

For more details on the internship, please visit the GCF website. Applications due by 7 January 2024.